The Executive does not back down in its proposal to incorporate a quota in the Employment Plan of the Public Employment Service (SEPE), intended for Unaccompanied Foreign Minors (MENA). Last September, the national deputy of VOX for Ceuta, Teresa López, questioned the Executive to find out the reasons why the SEPE approved the criteria and selection scales for the next employment plan, in which a 0.5 % of the positions were reserved for MENA. However, the National Government has not given any explanation.

"The Government insists on continuing to draw up employment plans instead of repatriating foreign minors to their country of origin," says the president of VOX Ceuta, Juan Sergio Redondo, who also assures that "these are jobs that should be destined for Spanish citizens ”. For the leader of VOX Ceuta, this shows "the lack of interest of the Government" to provide a solution to illegal immigration based on the agreements established with the Kingdom of Morocco, for the repatriation of these minors. In addition, Redondo points out that the creation of a specific quota for the MENA, "will cause that in the coming years, what today is only 0.5%, will increase because more and more will meet the requirements."

López was already asking the Executive if he was aware that those jobs should be occupied by nationals residing in Ceuta, and if he was going to “back down” to eliminate that quota for the MENA. In addition, the deputy has regretted the injury that occurs with respect to other groups, such as victims of terrorism for whom a lower quota is reserved, only 0.2%. A group to which, says López, should show greater respect. On the part of the Government, the only response has been to outline the criteria, scales and quotas for jobs, including the requirements to be fulfilled by these foreign minors, so its intention is to continue with this new incorporation in the next employment plans.

In addition, the Government Delegation has reported that two minors under guardianship, both with Spanish DNI, meet the requirements established by the norm, including the four years of registration, to benefit from the places established by the Executive Commission of SEPE. "They will be jobs that will be taken away from Spanish citizens, with the consequent damage that this will cause to many Ceuta families who have seen their attempts to access this type of employment plan frustrated for years," laments Redondo.

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