Registered unemployment falls by 38,692 people in the last twelve months, a year-on-year reduction of 1.21%

In seasonally adjusted terms, unemployment has fallen by 3,081 people compared to November 2019.

The number of unemployed has decreased in December by 34,579 people in relation to the previous month, a decrease of -1.08%.

Male unemployment stands at 1,328,396 people, rising by 10,710 (0.81%) and female by 1,835,209, reducing by 45,289 (-2.41%) in relation to the month of November. If we compare it with December 2018, male unemployment drops by 8,848 (-0.66%) people, and female unemployment falls by 29,844 (-1.60%).

With regard to young people, unemployment of those under 25 years of age is reduced in December by 18,892 people (-7.11%) in relation to the previous month, while unemployment of 25 years and over falls in 15,687 (-0.53 %).

Registered unemployment has fallen in 13 autonomous communities, mainly in Andalusia (-16,681), Madrid (-3,799), Valencian Community (-2,943). It rises in four communities, headed by Navarra (782) and La Rioja (454).

By economic sector of origin of the workers, the registered unemployment has been reduced in Agriculture by 6,640 (-4.50%), in Services falls by 41,687 (-1.85%) and in the group Without Previous Employment it is reduced by 10,884 people (-4.04%). On the contrary in Industry it rises in 6,350 (2.36%), and in Construction it increases in 18,282 (7.15%).

More than two million permanent contracts in 2019

In the whole of the year 2019, 2,159,434 permanent contracts have been held.

The total number of contracts registered during the month of December has been 1,740,332. Of these, 139,077 were permanent contracts and 1,601,255 temporary contracts.


The coverage rate of the unemployment protection system was 64.8% in November, an increase of 4.9 percentage points compared to the same month of 2018.

The beneficiaries of unemployment benefits in November were 1,964,132, with an increase over the same month of the previous year of 6.5%.

The amount of the payroll for the month of November 2019 was 1,701.2 million euros, 12.9% more than in the same month of the previous year.

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