Registered unemployment falls in February by 42,993 people compared to the same month last year

The number of unemployed registered in the month of February 2020 has fallen by 7,806 workers in relation to the previous month.

In seasonally adjusted terms, unemployment decreased by 19,043 people compared to January.

The total number of unemployed stands at 3,246,047. It is the lowest unemployment rate recorded in February since 2008.

Stop registered in the month of February 2009-2020

Unemployment by sex and age

Male unemployment stands at 1,349,975 people, decreasing by 7,005 people (-0.52%) compared to January. Unemployed workers amount to 1,896,072, after reducing their figure by 801 compared to the previous month (-0.04%). In annual calculation, female unemployment has decreased by 32,743 women compared to February 2019, 1.70%. It represents more than double the decrease of 0.75% of registered unemployment of men who, in the last year, is reduced by 10,250 people

With regard to young people, unemployment of those under 25 years of age increases by 7,208 people (2.84%) compared to the previous month. On the contrary, in year-on-year terms it registered a fall of 2.59%, which doubles the average unemployment reduction, with 6,951 fewer young people on the unemployment lists.

Unemployment of 25 years and over falls by 15,014, (-0.50%) in February compared to January.

Unemployment by sectors and autonomous communities

By economic sectors of origin, registered unemployment falls in Industry 2,259 (-0.81%), under construction in 4,819 (-1.82%), and in Services decreases in 9,485 (-0.41%). It increases in Agriculture by 2,855 (1.90%) and increases in the group Without Previous Employment by 5,902 (2.31%).

However, unemployment in agriculture drops by 3,318 workers, 1.57% compared to February 2019.

In monthly terms, registered unemployment falls in 11 autonomous communities, mainly in the Canary Islands (-3,327), Illes Balears (-3,290) and Castilla-La Mancha (-1,846). In four autonomous communities it remains practically stable and rises in Madrid (2,147), and Catalonia (1,532).

With respect to the previous year, it falls in ten communities, among them the Valencian Community (- 9,135), Galicia (-7,480) and Andalusia (- 6,595) it remains in two and grows in the remaining five.

Total number of contracts

The total number of contracts registered during the month of February was 1,594,763, which represents an increase of 23,746 (1.51%) over the same month of 2019. Of these, 178,193 were permanent contracts (11.2% ) and 1,402,320 were temporary contracts. Not many indefinite contracts were signed in February since 2009.

February indefinite contracts are divided, in terms of the duration of the day, into 109,245 full-time and 68,948 part-time.

Number of indefinite contracts signed in February 2010-2020


Two out of every three registered unemployed receive a benefit. The coverage rate of the unemployment protection system was 66.1% at the end of January, an increase of 6.8 percentage points compared to the same month of the previous year (61.9%).

The beneficiaries of unemployment benefits in February were 2,047,497, with an increase of 6.1% over the same month last year.

Coverage rate for the month of January 2013-2020

The benefits of January 2020 amounted to 1,867.1 million euros, which represents a 12.5% ​​increase over the same month last year.

The average monthly cost per beneficiary of benefits was 933.9 euros, 5.8% more than in January 2019.

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