The number of unemployed registered in the offices of the Public Employment Services (SEPE) has fallen in May in 84,075 people in relation to the previous month. In seasonally adjusted terms, unemployment has fallen by 20,073 people.

With respect to May 2018, unemployment has reduced 172,639 people, which puts its year-on-year reduction level at 5.31%. Thus, the total number of registered unemployed is 3,079,491, the lowest level in a month of May of the last 10 years.

Male unemployment stood at 1,250,812 people, down 47,896, and female unemployment 1,828,679, reduced by 36,179 people compared to the month of April. If we compare it with May 2018, male unemployment falls by 96,328 people and female unemployment decreases by 76,311.

On the other hand, the unemployment of the young people under 25 years is reduced in May by 11,287 people with respect to the previous month, while the unemployment of 25 and more years decreases by 72,788.

Registered unemployment has decreased in all the autonomous communities, among which stand out: Andalusia (-17.981), Catalonia (-10.507) and the Valencian Community (-8.744).

By economic sectors of origin of the workers, registered unemployment has been reduced in all of them: Agriculture and fishing, in 7.864, Industry in 8.085, Construction in 9.040, Services in 54.762, and the group of people without previous employment in 4.324.

Number of contracts

In May, 2,075,741 contracts were registered. Of this total, 184,161 are permanent employment contracts, 1,883,367 temporary contracts and 8,213 training contracts.

The indefinite contracts of April are divided, as far as the duration of the working day, into 106,602 full-time and 77,559 part-time.


The coverage rate of the unemployment protection system of April 2019 was 59.1%, which is an increase of 2.8 percentage points more than the same month of the previous year.

The beneficiaries of unemployment benefits at the end of April were 1,764,110, 0.3% less than the same month of the previous year.

The amount of the payroll for April was 1,468.9 million euros, 5% more than in the month of 2018.

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