Registered unemployment is reduced in January by 31,903 people compared to the same month of the previous year

In seasonally adjusted terms, eliminating calendar effects, the rise in unemployment is much lower and increased by 13,480 people.

The number of unemployed registered in the month of January 2020 has risen by 90,248 in relation to the previous month. This is an increase slightly higher than in 2019 but below the average of the last ten years. In relative values, the increase in unemployment is 2.85%. The increase in the number of registered unemployed people is common in all the months of January in the historical series of the last twenty-five years.

Thus, the total number of unemployed stands at 3,253,853. In January 2019, unemployment rose by 83,464 unemployed in relation to the previous month.

Male and female unemployment

Male unemployment stands at 1,356,980 people, increasing by 28,584 (2.15%) and female unemployment by 1,896,873, increasing by 61,664 (3.36%) in relation to the month of December. If we compare it with January 2019, male unemployment falls by 3,468 (-0.25%) people, and female unemployment is reduced by 28,440 (-1.48%). Although unemployment is reduced more in women than in men, in absolute values ​​female unemployment is still higher than male.

Age Variation

With respect to young people, unemployment of those under 25 years of age increases in January by 7,534 people (3.05%) compared to the previous month, while unemployment of 25 years and over rises by 82,714 (2.84%).

By autonomous communities and sectors

Registered unemployment falls in an autonomous community: Illes Balears (-266) and rises, on the contrary, in the remaining 16, led by Andalusia (28,156) and Madrid (11,417). By economic sector of origin of the workers, the registered unemployment has been reduced in Construction, in 9,368 (-3.42%) and in the group without previous employment, in 3,145 people (-1,22%). On the contrary, it increases in Agriculture, in 9,085 (6.45%), in Industry, in 2,719 (0.99%) and in Services in 90,957 (4.11%).

Total number of contracts

The total number of contracts registered during the month of January was 1,764,837, representing a decrease of 93,240 (-5.02%) over the same month of the year 2019. Of these, 178,978 were permanent contracts, 8,496 of formative nature and 1,577,363 were temporary contracts.

Regarding indefinite hiring, in January 178,978 contracts of an indefinite nature were registered, 10.1% of the total. This figure represents a reduction of 2,370 contracts (-1.31%) compared to the same month of the previous year.

The indefinite contracts of January are divided, as for the duration of the day, into 114,382 full-time and 64,596 part-time. Among the temporary contracts, Eventual by Circumstance of Production stand out – full time – with 28.26% of the total of all contracts, followed by Work or Service Determined – full time – with 27, 82% Temporary contracts with part-time work represent 28.39%.


In December, protection for unemployed people continued to improve. The coverage rate of the unemployment protection system was 65.4% in December, which represents an increase of almost 5 points compared to December 2018 and represents 10 points more than in December 2015, when The rate stood at a minimum of 55.2%.

The beneficiaries of unemployment benefits in December were 1,964,182 people, 7% more than the same month last year. The resources allocated to unemployment protection in December 2019 amounted to 1,725.9 million euros, 13.2% more than in the same month of the previous year.

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