Rescued a hiker in the Cavall Bernat area (Pollença)

The woman had gone out with her dog to the mountain not respecting the State of Alarm

The rescue was very laborious and complicated due to the abrupt terrain, which occurred at night and with heavy rain in the area.

The Civil Guard, in collaboration with the Mallorc Fire Department, has rescued a woman who, not complying with the limitations of the Alarma state, had an accident practicing hiking in the mountainous area known as Cavall Bernat belonging to the municipality of Pollença.

The notice given by 112 reported that a person who was in Cala Boquer was listening to another person scream for help. Mobilized the rescue teams, they began the ascent through the mountain. After an hour and a half, the specialists reached the point where the screams were heard.
There they had to install ropes to rappel down the other side of the mountain until they reached where the wound was. This presented lacerations throughout the body and a severe trauma to the left knee that prevented him from walking. Also, she was accompanied by her dog.
Once secured on the stretcher and after three hours carrying it through very difficult terrain, with heavy rain in the area, the rescuers reached the point where Civil Protection, the Local Police and the ambulance that took care of the wound were. It should be noted that specialists also helped the dog to get out of the place.
The Civil Guard has denounced this person for skipping the Alarm State causing serious damage, and also being a repeat offender, since he was already denounced on two occasions for not respecting the provisions of Royal Decree 463/20.
The rescue was carried out by a rescue team from GREIM and the Mallorca Fire Department.
For more information, you can contact the Press Office of the Civil Guard in the Balearic Islands at 971774100 ext 296 or 620271422.


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