The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, has intervened in the closing of the Digital Tourist 2021 held in Benidorm where the creation of an intelligent destination platform has advanced, a project with which Spain wants to place itself at the forefront of the tourist countries for its commitment to the digitization of the tourist experience and the integration of the service.

During his speech, Reyes Maroto highlighted that this tool places technology at the center of tourism policy. “In 2019 we connect destinations through the DTI network and in 2021 we want to be more ambitious: digitally connect destinations with tourists and, in turn, with companies, in such a way that a unique tourism intelligence system is generated that place us at the forefront of tourism competitiveness ”.

The objective of the platform will be to integrate, relate and combine public and private data to generate more competitive and business intelligence and thus activate models of continuous adaptation, interconnecting and meeting the needs of all agents of the tourism value chain: tourists, destinations and companies. For Maroto, "it is not only the development of a technological solution, it is the commitment to an intelligent and innovative way of working in the public and private sectors".

In this way, digitization and artificial intelligence are positioned as a lever to modernize our tourism model and for this, 130 million euros will be allocated from the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan. It is planned to last 6 months for its development and the first steps will be the deployment of the DTI self-assessment module, a georeferencing pilot and connection of the whole of the tourist offer with the destination managers, as well as the approval and Deployment of the platform model to a set of key destinations.

Intelligent destination platform

With this tool, a digital ecosystem is generated that will allow optimization of costs and deployment times, facilitating the use of metrics and interconnecting and meeting the needs of all agents in the sector.

For their part, the traveler will be able to interact through the platform with the destination and its companies, maintaining fidelity with the offer before, during and after the trip through different channels, such as social networks, the web or apps.

From the destination point of view, the platform responds to the main challenges encountered in its continuous transformation process. From promotion in markets, tourist information (cultural and activities offer), interaction with tourists during their stay (mobility, waste, security, hours and characteristics of services, health information, etc.) to physical and digital behavior of the tourist with analysis by tourist seasons, by segments or by applying predictive intelligence.

Lastly, for companies, the platform accelerates their business digitization process, both commercially and in management processes, and strengthens the technical preparation of workers. Also providing tools to generate better value propositions and their publication in the best channels for their promotion. Added to that is business intelligence, which allows you to compare your situation with respect to similar businesses in the destination and other competing destinations.

The project is an initiative in favor of technological sovereignty and competitiveness of Spanish tourism based on profitability, the cohesion of the sector and the generation of knowledge to address the challenge of the digital transformation of Spanish tourism in its social, economic and environmental levels. .

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