The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, and Netflix co-CEO, Ted Sarandos, have signed an agreement to use the series and films recorded in Spain as a tourist resource that helps the recovery of the sector after the sharp drop in international demand derived from the Covid health crisis.

Some of the new productions planned in Spain are the series Jaguar in Almería; fair in Barcelona, ​​Cádiz and Huelva; You are not special in Navarra; Privacy in Bilbao and Welcome to Eden in Lanzarote and Barcelona. Also movies like We were songs or Crystal girls in Madrid; The Beast in Teruel, Centaur in different locations in Catalonia and Aragon or Through my window in Barcelona.

Reyes Maroto is committed to building a tourism "of higher quality, seasonally adjusted and the backbone of the territory" that allows adding to the "sun and beach other attractive tourist products that add value to the sector". The minister has explained on numerous occasions the need to work and collaborate to diversify the tourist offer and attract tourists with higher spending who are looking for unique experiences, and film tourism can be a tourist attraction with great growth in the coming years.

The collaboration between Netflix and Turespaña strengthens the link between audiovisual production in Spain and tourism. This union aims to create synergies and contribute to the recovery of the country, reinforcing the Spain tourism brand and expanding knowledge of the richness and cultural diversity of our country.

"Tourism promotion and marketing must be oriented where consumers are and to those platforms and channels that modulate consumer opinion, in our case of travelers," said the general director of Turespaña, Miguel Sanz.

Netflix allows connecting Spanish creators with global audiences. The study Impact of International Entertainment Services on Cultural Affinity and Tourism, carried out by the entertainment platform, reflects that the consumption of Spanish content increases interest and affinity towards many elements of our culture, offering great potential to increase the tourism in the country.

Netflix has launched a promotional video on social networks, within its agreement with Turespaña, showing the most iconic corners of our geography, our culture and our lifestyle through fragments of the movies and series on this platform. Under the title How would you say Spain is without saying it? The video expresses that “Spain is after dinner until dinner, festivals, centuries of history, the beach all year round, even if the water is freezing. It's the feeling that you haven't made a movie because here life is like that, that's why our stories connect with everyone ”.

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