The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, has spoken today in Madrid at the Council of Tourism, Culture and Sports of the CEOE held for the first time in person since the beginning of the health crisis. There he has announced a specific investment plan for tourism that Spain will present to the EU Recovery Fund. This program will allow the development of tractor projects in the tourist field and will be developed jointly with the Autonomous Communities, municipalities and social and economic agents.

In this sense, Minister Maroto thanked “the joint work of social and business agents to face the COVID-19 crisis, which shows that when consensus is reached, faster progress is achieved. This is the case of the Agreement for Economic Reactivation and Employment that the Government signed last Friday with the main trade union and business associations. An exercise of responsibility on all sides, as has also happened with the approval of the ERTE, "said Reyes Maroto.

For the minister, this public-private coordination work has also been revealed between the Secretary of State for Tourism, the Autonomous Communities and the economic and social agents of the sector through ICTE in the elaboration of 22 security protocols against COVID -19 that today are internationally recognized because they have ISO certification. All this with the aim of ensuring that Spain remains the most competitive destination in the world, as recognized by the World Economic Forum.

The head of Industry has reviewed the government measures to support the tourism sector, such as the cessation of activity benefit, the ICO guarantee lines, the Tourism Sector Promotion Plan endowed with more than 4,200 million euros, Tourism sustainability plans at destination or aid to digitization amounting to 216 million euros. Among all the actions, the Government has put more than 21,000 million euros for the tourism sector.

The minister wanted to send a message of tranquility by ensuring that Spain is recognized today as a safe destination, "it will allow us to recover tourism activity gradually as confidence in travel recovers and borders are opened gradually. Furthermore, we have reinforced promotional campaigns, both nationally and internationally, with the “Spain for sure” campaign.

For her part, the president of the Council of Tourism, Culture and Sports of CEOE, Marta Blanco, stressed that the tourism sector is experiencing "a critical situation both in the short and medium term". Likewise, it has transferred that, in addition to the measures adopted to date, it will be necessary to urgently expand coordination with the health authorities, for which it would be necessary to create a public-private working group with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism. .

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