Reyes Maroto asks the Commission for a firm response and more support measures to the sectors affected by US tariffs.

In relation to the Airbus panel of the WTOMaroto has transferred to Hogan that the Government of Spain expects from the Commission a firm and determined support for Spanish interests. "The new public consultation launched by the United States and the possible increase in tariffs, or inclusion of new products, needs to have a strong response from the EU that reinforces support for the affected sectors," said the minister at the end of the meeting.

Along these lines, he has requested that new mechanisms and support measures be explored that have a short-term effect, both inside and outside the CAP (compatible with the WTO), in order to minimize the impact of the imposition of countermeasures by the US administration.

Maroto thanked both the initiatives launched by the Commission and the intensification of diplomatic actions to accelerate negotiations with the United States and to open new markets.

"Spain will continue to defend the unity of action, supporting the Commission in its efforts to achieve a negotiated solution; we hope that the meetings that the commissioner will hold shortly with the US administration will be positive and that a negotiated solution to the Airbus controversy can be advanced. Boeing to avoid the imposition of new tariffs and urge the United States to withdraw those that are in force. "

Actions taken in support of affected sectors

Since the imposition of countermeasures by the United States in mid-October 2019, the Government of Spain has been working within the EU to mitigate its effects, through the mobilization of support mechanisms (both inside and outside the CAP ) to mitigate the effects on the affected sectors. To date, the Commission has announced the following measures:

  • Activation of crisis management assistance mechanisms of the CAP, such as the private storage of olive oil approved in late October.
  • Activation of promotional measures in third countries and in the internal market. In November, it adopted the work program for 2020, which plans to allocate 200.9 million euros for promotion programs, in which community funding is increased and the possibility of changing the country of destination becomes more flexible.

Through ICEX, Spain is strengthening the programs and promotional instruments already consolidated, which are committed to differentiate and reinforce the high quality and diversity of our food and wines. At the same time, it is committed to developing in parallel a solid market opening strategy for priority countries with potential for short and medium term openness.

Future relationship of the European Union with the United Kingdom

In relation to Brexit, Maroto has requested Hogan that the negotiating mandate for the future relationship between the EU and the United Kingdom – which must be approved in the first quarter of the year – include trade in services, not just merchandise , and that the United Kingdom complies with the same rules of fair competition (level playing field) as other countries.

The minister has invited the person in charge of community trade policy to visit Spain throughout the first half of the year.

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