The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism in operation, Reyes Maroto, today made a visit to the Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport to learn about the operation of this airport infrastructure on one of the days of the year with the greatest movement of travelers.

Accompanied by the Secretary of State for Tourism, Isabel Oliver, the president of Aena, Maurici Lucena, and the director of the Airport, Elena Mayoral, the minister has known the operation of the Automated Baggage Handling System, through which they identify, transfer , classify, inspect and store luggage before being loaded into aircraft holds. Subsequently, from the tower terrace of the Platform Management Service, he has seen how the traffic of aircraft on the ground is ordered from the taxiway to the parking spaces. The visit has ended with a tour of the boarding area.

Reyes Maroto has positively valued the work of the staff working at the Airport, especially on a day like August 1, in which 1,200 flights are scheduled. He has also highlighted Aena's commitment to sustainability by reducing runway waiting times and improving the energy efficiency of an immersed airport, such as the entire AENA network, in a global renewable energy plan that will allow it to reach 70% of the energy supply from solar energy.

Regarding the data of the FRONTUR and EGATUR indicators for the first half of the year, known today (2.8% increase in international arrivals and 3.7% increase in spending), the minister said that “we are in a context of high competitiveness, and that is why we must continue to improve the spaces that tourists and residents use so that the volume of travelers traveling through Spanish airports can enjoy infrastructure in line with the 21st century. ”


Automated Baggage Handling System

18 million outbound luggage pass through the SATE annually, an average of 51,000 daily luggage. During the months of July and August, the figure rises to 2,000,000 monthly luggage.

Its conveyor belts are 135 kilometers long.

Activity and movements

At Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport, more than 80 companies fly to 74 countries and 219 destinations.

The movements scheduled by the airlines for this August 1 are 1,209. The scheduled seats are 221,193.

Throughout the Aena network, the movements scheduled by the airlines for this August 1 are 6,503. The scheduled seats are 1,062,315.

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