The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, presented today at the first face-to-face press conference after the confinement the international advertising campaign with the slogan "Back to Spain" and the new Spanish tourism portal, two tools for the new time we have to live after the COVID19 pandemic with which the Government wants to regain confidence in Spain as a tourist destination in the face of competition.

“The special circumstances of this summer make it necessary to launch an advertising campaign with which we want to remind international tourists that holidays in Spain are a safe bet. The campaign reinforces the reasons and emotions that have made our country its favorite destination in a year where the competition to attract tourists who decide to travel outside their countries will be very pronounced. For this reason, TURESPAÑA is committed to emotional creativity that presents products and places from all over the territory that evoke sensations that stimulate repeating the trip to Spain, ”said Maroto.

The campaign is aimed primarily at the European tourist who feels Spain as their second home, the one who has an emotional link to Spanish destinations, where they have had unique and unforgettable experiences. Reyes Maroto wanted to convey to international tourists a message of confidence "Spain is a safe destination and we are waiting for you, the time has come to return."

The new Spanish tourism portal maintains the domain, but after 19 years, the portal is completely renewed. The page is modernized with a more dynamic and visually impactful website, and new tools that focus on facilitating travel planning with interactive maps are highlighted, and information is improved with the download of digital brochures or the possibility of book among the more than 2,000 tourist experiences that are marketed through the portal.

Tourism Sector Conference

This morning the minister chaired the meeting of the Tourism Sector Conference, where she informed the directors of the new official tourism portal of Spain and the international promotion campaign and where the Tourism Sustainability Plans in Destinations have been approved to reactivate and boost the tourism sector.

The Tourism Sustainability Plans in Destinations will be developed jointly with the CCAA and local entities. These plans will allow carrying out actions aimed at the development and improvement of tourist destinations based on quality; support the reconversion of pioneering tourist destinations; promote the development of tourist destinations located in rural and inland areas and strengthen local entities managing tourist destinations. "With a budget of 53 million euros until 2022, we hope that some 260 destinations can benefit from them to cope with the current drop in demand for the coronavirus but also to prepare them for the future and strengthen their competitiveness," appointed by the Minister.

These three measures are part of the Tourism Sector Promotion Plan that was presented on June 18, endowed with more than 4,200 million and focused on achieving a safe and sustainable destination.

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