Acting Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, believes that the Declaration adopted today at the meeting of Ministers of Trade and Digital Economy of Tsukuba (Japan) does not sufficiently reflect the threats to the multilateral trading system based on rules, nor solutions to face them.

"Due to responsibility, Spain has not wanted to break the consensus process that operates among the members of the G20, but the text does not reflect the concern about the current tensions, expressed by many countries in the sessions, which may affect both the activity economic and commercial as in the welfare and quality of life of citizens, "he said at the end of the meeting.

He added that "at the meeting in Tsukuba there has been an interesting collective discussion, but it should have been much more ambitious in the solution of trade tensions and the reform of the World Trade Organization."

"The Government of Spain is no stranger to the difficult reality of world trade," says Maroto, "which is why it would have been desirable to add elements such as the continuity of the Steel Forum, although, given the situation, the Declaration is a point of departure for the leaders of the G20 countries to continue the debate and take decisions in Osaka. "

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