The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, has inaugurated the XIV edition of the Hospitality Awards in Spain, awards that recognize the work of establishments, companies and institutions in the different disciplines of work carried out in the sector of the hospitality industry.

The minister has recognized the exemplary work of the hospitality sector in the toughest months of the pandemic and the work carried out by the "Together with the Hospitality" platform. "We are very aware of the difficult situation in which you find yourself and that in this second wave the restrictions that are being approved affect you especially", and has indicated that "collaboration, agreement and consensus are essential to adopt measures that consolidate and accelerate the recovery of the sector for which all the collaboration of the Government of Spain has offered ”.

As a result of this collaboration, the Minister has announced the convening of an extraordinary sectoral conference with the Autonomous Communities and the FEMP to analyze a Hospitality Support Plan that provides solutions to the sector and prepares its recovery.

Reyes Maroto has also advanced that the Executive is analyzing extending the grace and amortization periods of the ICO credits so that the businesses that are viable, can maintain the activity and attend the planned repayments when normality recovers.

In addition, Reyes Maroto has advanced the implementation of a plan in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy, to train more than 70,000 workers in the tourism sector, especially in the hotel industry, through the State Foundation for the On-the-job training (FUNDAE).

These measures will be added to those already agreed between the Government and social agents, such as the reinforcement of the protection of ERTE until the end of January 2021 and the recovery of the extraordinary benefit for the self-employed.

For Reyes Maroto, "the will of the Government is that these measures remain until when necessary because they have been shown to be effective since they allow to give confidence and certainty while the pandemic is controlled," he stressed.

Finally, the minister has also referred to the fact that the Executive is working to extend the tourist corridors to the rest of the destinations of the peninsula when the evolution of the pandemic allows it and has requested the support of the social agents and the political forces of the General State Budgets for 2021 that were approved yesterday in the Council of Ministers, "some country budgets to face the future of Spain with determination and confidence."

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