• The coordinator of VOX in Marchena, José Carlos Delgado, asserts that "the town is under security minimums, with a mayor who has turned the municipality into fertile ground for criminals"

Seville, July 24, 2020. The VOX deputy for Seville and third vice president of VOX, Reyes Romero, has met with a representation of the Marchena Local Police, persecuted by the mayor of the town, the socialist María del Mar Romero.

At the meeting, in which the VOX coordinator in Marchena participated, José Carlos Delgado, the provincial deputy Rafael García Ortiz, the head of security for VOX Seville Adrian Trashorras and the member of the party manager in the province, Macario Valpuesta, the agents explained the situation they are going through after the open conflict that the mayor maintains with the agents of the Corps.

Reyes Romero explained that "I have attended this meeting with professionals in citizen security as a deputy and as a marchenera, very concerned about the scandalous lack of personnel and means of the Local Police, by the tremendous effort that many agents have to carry out to cover work shifts, due to the overtime that does not charge, he total abandonment where they are, but especially because the persecution to which they are subjected by the first local authority who does not seem to miss an opportunity to show his contempt for the police and especially towards some agents, with whom he seems to have some personal problem ”.

"I must admit that I've gone from worry to outrage because we are facing a clear lack of political will from the mayor for guaranteeing the safety of all marcheneros. I am sure that it is simply because this mayor is not up to the job. He does not understand the problems of the Marcheneros, he does not know how to face the difficulties of the position and that translates into a noticeable decrease in the quality of public services that the City Council lends to citizens and security is paramount ”.

Romero has asserted that "the mayoress of Marchena must give way to another more qualified person to manage the municipality, because the marcheneros deserve security and feel safe. They are not second class citizens with respect to other towns of similar size ”.

"I appeal to the mayoress to abandon her pride, sit down with the Police, listen to them, study and immediately solve the problems that affect our police and that all Marcheneros suffer first-hand. Only then will you receive the support of VOX. On the contrary, will have us in front, willing to push at all levels so that once and for all marcheneros have the security they deserve and should never have lost. "

The deputy in Congress has asserted that “basic liberties are guaranteed if security works and here it is conspicuous by its absence; not for the attitude of the police, as the mayor wants to make believe, but for direct incompetence who is the maximum responsible. A mayoress who is going free and who refuses to dialogue with the Local Police, something incomprehensible from all points of view. ”

For his part, the VOX coordinator in Marchena, José Carlos Delgado, has pointed out that "the situation in the Police has only worsened because there is no dialogue from the mayor who, unfortunately, only communicates with the police through communications in the media and especially Radio Television Marchena, something unheard of in politics ”.

"The town is under minimums in terms of security. With a demoralized Local Police, with lack of troops caused by psychological losses derived from the conflict with the PSOE in Marchena, and with the Civil Guard barracks only open in the morning, and the patrol that must cover a wide area of ​​the Seville countryside, a bleak picture that turns Marchena into fertile ground for criminals"

The head of VOX in Marchena has added that "it is the Mayor's responsibility to resolve this conflict, and she is obliged to reach an understanding with our Local Police. She is the person in charge of municipal public employees and if you are not able to resolve the conflict, leave the position", it is finished.

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