He asserts that "we will deepen social policies against failed policies of the left, preventing discrimination between Spaniards, facing the demographic winter and fighting against structural unemployment"

Seville, March 9, 2020. The deputy of VOX for Seville, Reyes Romero, has been appointed third vice president of VOX in the course of the Ordinary general meeting held last weekend in Madrid.

The head of the VOX Sevilla list to the Congress of Deputies, will be responsible for the social policies of VOX whose objective, as stated, "will be to articulate a coherent discourse that, respecting the world of business and the autonomy of civil society, promote solidarity in an increasingly individualistic society"

“Since VOX we have marked ourselves as aim to deepen social policies, because it is part of our DNA and because the alternatives proposed by the left have failed, including policies towards women, towards children and the elderly ”.

Reyes Romero has emphasized that “we are going to work tirelessly for prevent further deepening discrimination among Spaniards based on the autonomous communities where they reside, in the same way that we are going to fight the gap between generations to try to correct the demographic winter and especially, we are going to raise the necessary alternatives to fight against structural unemployment promoted by political parties and left-wing unions"

The new third vice president of VOX has pointed out that “we will not give up on our goal of lose weight this mastodontic state, in order to make it sustainable; so that resources are dedicated to the real needs of the Spaniards, who go through a better health, education, family protection policies and pensions ”.

Romero, has expressed that among his objectives at the head of Social Affairs of VOX "are each and every one of the people who are in the most vulnerable phases of life, from the mother's womb to old age", In the same way that it will work" for international solidarity, favoring the development at the origin of the poorest countries in order to avoid uncontrolled migratory avalanches, "he concluded.

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