Seville, January 6, 2020. The national deputy for Seville and third vice president of VOX, Reyes Romero, has stated this Sunday, that «VOX will defend order and constitutional legality and the rights of the Spanish. While others try to be accepted and forgiven by the enemies of Spain, we are the alternative that defends the Spanish and their well-being, the alternative of the motion of no confidence in front of all the progressive consensus.

«We have taken to the streets today because it is especially The defense of constitutional legality and of the Parliamentary Monarchy as guarantees of unity, coexistence and prosperity is necessary ”.

Reyes Romero pointed out that “all nations celebrate in some way the day of their national holiday or the most important days of their little constitutional histories. We proudly celebrate the Santiago Day or that of the Immaculate Conception, Patrons of our country. And that is why we also vindicate on December 6 the serious risks suffered by the constitutional order, in the face of the silence and complicity of the government before those who hate the nation and democracy.

Romero has added that “it is not a folkloric manifestation of empty constitutionalism. It is not a question of manifesting in favor of a norm, but of what is its foundation: the indissoluble unity of the Spanish nation«.

After reading the manifest of the act of Constitution Day celebrated by VOX before hundreds of people in the Plaza Nueva under the slogan "In defense of constitutional legality", the national deputy for Seville has asserted that “We are at a historic moment, in which a social-communist government allied with the enemies of Spain: separatism and the heirs of terrorism, together with a pandemic situation that has brought a social and health emergency to the Spanish. We face and face a process of rupture of the constitutional order led by Pedro Sánchez, Pablo Iglesias and Arnaldo Otegi. A process of rupture to weaken our constitution and create a new regime.

«Our constitutional legality is being threatened in a systematic way and there are a series of principles and values ​​that are especially threatened: our Right to Freedom is violated, both of thought and expression and of circulation. The Government does not allow Spaniards to move freely through the national territory while receiving and housing thousands of illegal immigrants who arrive on our shores, while hiding these realities and pursuing any dissent in networks or the media. The separation of powers is being systematically violated, attacking our rule of law and dividing up the judges that make up the CGPJ.

The third vice president of VOX recalled that “the Government of Sánchez, Iglesias and Otegi violates the Right to Education of our children, with totalitarian and sectarian laws that only obey the postulates of the radical left and whose objective is indoctrination in the schools. The Right to Life is being attacked with the abandonment of the Spanish by a government that has decided to protect only itself in this pandemic. Furthermore, it intends to pass a Euthanasia Law in which the solution to suffering and illness is not palliative care but death.

»This process of rupture of the constitutional order directly attacks the Unit of Spain. Our Government has come to power and is now dependent on those who want to break Spain. Equality and the welfare of the Spanish are attacked to maintain the privileges of politicians. While they receive large salaries, can count on hundreds of advisers and can meet in large mansions, the Spanish are prevented from meeting with their families and going to their jobs.

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