10-29-2019 | Cs

The president of Cs agrees to stop the 'dieselazo' announced by PSOE, which harms those who 'play bread and life on the road' and that causes a fall in the renovation of the mobile park

"If I am President of the Government, I will toughen the Highway Law and no violent one will cut the roads of Spain," Cs candidate for the Presidency of the Government, Albert Rivera, has promised to propose fines of between 15,000 and 300,000 euros to be established. who cuts the roads and breaks the law.

The president of the liberal party met on Tuesday in the municipality of Zaragoza, Alfajarín, with the Federation of Transportation Entrepreneurs of Zaragoza (FETRAZ) and the Association of Freight Forwarders of Madrid (ATEIA), in an act in which he has been accompanied by Cs candidates to the Congress and Senate for the province of Zaragoza, Rodrigo Gómez and Ana Velilla, respectively, and the spokesman for the orange parliamentary group in the Cortes de Aragón, Daniel Pérez Calvo.

Rivera explained in this meeting his commitments to the transport sector, underlining that "it is necessary to guarantee the safety and freedom of being able to drive on the roads and that nobody burns highways." “We have seen sad and sad images, where some cafés condition thousands of families who are doing their job,” recalled the leader of the orange formation, to warn that “it is difficult to end violence on the roads when the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, is the official road cutter ”.

"We must have more courage with the rulers who skip the law," he said bluntly, to indicate that, if he is president of the Government, he will tighten the Highway Law by setting fines of between 15,000 and 300,000 euros for those who cut the roads. “We ended up with the kale borroka in the Basque Country when they paid with their homes what they had lost with their actions,” he warned, to emphasize that “we will increase the penalties so that whoever does it does not go unpunished and does not laugh in our face "

Likewise, it has rejected the “diesel saber” announced by the PSOE, to indicate that it will stop and paralyze that “unfair, disproportionate die-loop and that does not allow the transportation industry to bear the cost”. The transporters make 120,000 kilometers per year and the “dieselazo” would entail an increase of 2,500 euros in costs, said the leader of the liberal party, to sentence that “you should not harm more those who play bread and life on the roads "

He also added that the “incendiary” announcement of diesel has caused a drop in sales in areas such as Aragon and a fall in the renovation of the mobile park, generating more pollution. "There has to be an energy transition, not an imposition, but a transition in time, agreed with the transport sector," he defended.

For the self-employed, it has announced measures such as the exemption in the quota during the first years when they have a child or keep the flat rate of 60 euros during the first two years, “which represents a saving of almost 6,000 euros for those who start a business” . "The self-employed are the engine of the country and 30 percent of job creation in Spain," he said.

Albert Rivera has also pledged to lead the fight against depopulation, regretting that "the peoples are being emptied and abandoned after 40 years of bipartisanship." It is necessary that the Spaniards can stay to live in their municipalities, "that there are investments and employment with a national depopulation plan, that PSOE and PP stop distributing subsidies and plugging people and promote a State pact", because depopulation It is "a national problem of the first order."

"Those are the real problems of this country and there will be no yellow tie or people burning barricades to stop the necessary reforms," ​​said the president of Cs, to send a message to the undecided in the face of the elections on November 10 : "When the moderates do not vote, the radicals win, to that 35 percent of undecided who decide their vote and opt for a moderate, liberal and central option that will put Spain in motion," he said.

Asked by the CIS, Rivera has limited himself to asserting that “as far as Cs is concerned, it will be the last CIS survey conducted by a PSOE militant”, since he wishes to call a public contest so that “whoever does the surveys is a professional ”, While it has ensured that Cs will prohibit by law the tax amnesties.

Finally, he has expressed the commitment of the liberal party to carry out the splitting of the N-II and the N-232 in Aragon, "for time, for money and for dignity, so that no more people die on these roads." At the same time, concessions with the highways will be renegotiated to improve the safety of the service areas and to reimburse those who travel on these roads.

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