10-18-2019 | Cs

The president of Cs warns of the 'high costs for Spain' of violent acts in Catalonia and applauds FCSE agents 'who are showing their faces despite everything'

"Catalonia suffers a general sabotage and the Government cannot continue denying reality." This was stated by the president of Citizens (Cs), Albert Rivera, during a press conference before the media at the national headquarters of the party.

"What else has to happen for the Government to act in Catalonia?" Rivera has asked himself, while showing his "solidarity" with "families who have not been able to take their children to school" or "people who have had to suspend their visit to the doctor" because of the "general sabotage they suffer the families that want to live their daily life normally. " "I will be with the Government but to act, I do not want an inactive and paralyzed government that does not make decisions" and "looks away" to "a president of the Generalitat that cuts roads" and threatens to "reconvene an illegal referendum of independence "highlighted the leader of Cs.

"If everything is normal and nothing happens in Catalonia according to Marlaska, why did the Sagrada Familia have to close? Why did Barça-Madrid have to be suspended?" the president of the orange formation has asked himself, in addition to pointing out that "the feeling is that the State is not present in Catalonia as it should" and regret that the Government seems "more aware of the elections than of governing." on 155 to stop Torra and recover the coexistence in Catalonia ”, because“ I want a country where the ultras are arrested, they carry the flag they carry, ”Rivera concluded.

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