07-29-2019 | Cs

The president of Citizens (Cs) has recalled in the celebration of the General Council that, since the beginning of the party, they have not stopped growing

“I am proud that nationalists or populists do not want me in government. If they fear us, we are doing something right. ” This was stated by Albert Rivera during the celebration of the General Council in Madrid. A few words for those who have "Citizenship", those who "go against Cs and who are nervous about having a front game." Likewise, the liberal president has indicated that he understands “the nervousness among those who constantly attack them since Citizens is a prepared, free, moderate, liberal and faultless party”.

Rivera has stressed that "the orange formation has not stopped growing from incorporating talent and offering a country project." From the beginning, according to Rivera, "the game is stronger than ever." In fact, "they have achieved the best result in their history: 3,000 councilors, 400 municipalities and get government in Andalusia, Castilla y León, Murcia and the capital," Rivera has listed.

"You have to know where we are going and we are a winning project and it will be a government party," said the president of Cs. Proof of this "is the success of the liberal party" since "it has gone from 32 seats to 57". The liberal leader has announced that "22 people join the National Executive" so the agency will have "50 men and women prepared, loyal to the project and Spain, with desire and experience, professionals who have surprised with their dedication and push. " In turn, Rivera has highlighted, for example, the political experience of Joan Mesquida, José Ramón Bauzá or Ángel Garrido; He has also stressed the dedication of new affiliates such as Marcos De Quinto, Sara Giménez, Daniel Pérez, or Edmundo Bal. In addition, the president of Cs has recognized the value of Lorena Roldán, recently elected as candidate of Cs to preside over the Parliament of Catalonia, and who will now be the executive spokesperson for the party.

The party "wants to build from the center and dismantle the Sanchez plan", a strategy that "stigmatizes, criminalizes, insults and accuses the Constitutionalists of fascists." As proof that Citizens work for Spain and by understanding, the liberal president has transferred that "they will register a law that prohibits tributes to terrorists and dignifies the memory of the victims." Something necessary because “in the last days more than 150 acts of recognition have been organized in ETA”. Rivera has also stopped at what happened in Navarra, where the appointment of the socialist María Chivite as head of the Navarrese Executive – “a woman who agrees with Batasuna, combs and sticks out the tongue of the constitutionalists” – is “an insult to the meaning common". Some facts that reaffirm that "Spain does not deserve a president like Pedro Sánchez", a politician who "heads the pacts with those who want to liquidate Spain." Sanchez and his band have treated our country as a loot from which one or two thirds are distributed, ”Rivera has ruled, a situation that“ hurts ”in the orange formation.

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