10-30-2019 | Cs

The president of Cs reiterates the need to promote ten major State pacts to strengthen 'education, health and birth'

"Citizens was born to look to the future and launch this country because we are people of action." This was stated by the president of Citizens (Cs), Albert Rivera, during his speech at the ABC Forum. The leader of the liberal formation has committed to "unblock Spain, make reforms that have not been made in 40 years and defend the Constitution and equality among Spaniards."

Rivera has proposed to carry out ten major state reforms that "improve the lives of Spaniards" such as "defending all family models, a state pact for education or a single health card." “There is a Spain silenced by the noise of nationalism. The Spain that raises this country every day and that has been the great abandoned by bipartisanship ”, criticized Rivera, who has claimed that these people“ are the ones that take center stage in the next legislature ”.

The leader of the orange formation has also defended the commitment of his party in the fight against corruption and has warned about the complaint published today of vote buying by the PSOE in a town in Granada. “You have to protect the complainants and investigate if the PSOE is buying votes in Andalusia,” he added. At the same time he has demanded an explanation from Sánchez about the latest information that assures that he did not declare his book when he arrived at Moncloa. "I think Sanchez assumed he has a carte blanche to do what he wants," he said.

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