05-26-2019 | Cs

The leader of Citizens assures that 'a high participation whenever it is going well to those of us who believe in democracy'

"Citizens will be able to reissue the success of April 28," said the president of the Liberal Party, Albert Rivera, after exercising his vote. He has asked the Spaniards to participate to "not regret this night of not getting changes where we wanted or stable majorities where we need it". Rivera highlighted the importance of the European elections since "we will see the role that Spain plays in its future reforms".

Rivera has set a day without incident "after" a campaign moved with some who have tried to prevent the freedom of citizens in places like Madrid, the Basque Country or Catalonia. " "I hope that there is a high participation because whenever there is one we are good for those of us who believe in democracy," he underlined.

"Anyone who does not agree with the government of Sanchez and Iglesias has the opportunity to counterbalance," said the president of Citizens explained that "on March 26 Citizens led the highest rise with 80% more seats and today I ask all those who made it possible for them to do it again. " "If this is the case, we will achieve stable changes, reformist and liberal governments," he added.

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