01-11-2019 | Cs

The president of Cs proposes to '100% bonus the first contract of our youth' and 'advantages in the first two years'

"Citizens will turn Spain into the paradise of entrepreneurs and the hell of sausages," said the candidate of Citizens (Cs) to the Presidency of the Government, Albert Rivera, while proposing "open the drawer of dreams" and work for a country where everyone can "study, work, raise a family and have a decent pension."

The leader of Cs explained that the function of a president "is not to hold the position, have a plane, or distribute charges as PP and PSOE have done" clarifying that "is to turn the country into a dream, not a nightmare." Rivera has said that "Citizens will be the key to open the dream drawer" so that "any Spaniard can have the opportunity to study, work, start a family and have a decent pension."

On the other hand, the candidate of Cs to the Congress for Valencia, María Muñoz, has indicated that “many young Spaniards go from the University to the tail of unemployment and that is a drama for the country”, for which she has proposed “to guarantee a first job opportunity ”with a“ first 100% bonus employment contract during the first year and with advantages during the first two years ”.

The candidate of Cs for Madrid, Marcos de Quinto, stressed that "we have to bet on those who undertake" and "no longer ballast companies that go abroad and compete", in addition to "helping SMEs" because "when they are doing well, employment is stable. ” "The champion of unemployment is the PSOE and the precariousness is the PP," said De Quinto, while he has proposed "act before the slowdown and tackle reforms to correct the economic vulnerabilities of our country."

Finally, the MEP of the liberal party, Luis Garicano, has said that "Citizens is the necessary party without which reforms are not going to be done", and has set the example of the Andalusian executive as an "administration of the 21st century, effective , transparent ”, which has achieved“ tax relief for families and freelancers ”and thanks to this Andalusia is already growing above the European average.

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