11-11-2019 | Cs

The president of Cs affirms that 'serving the Spaniards is the most beautiful thing in this world' and says that it will be 'the militants, and no one else, who decides the future of the formation'

"Citizens (Cs) will mark a new direction, will draw a new map and its affiliates will take the reins," said the president of the Citizens, Albert Rivera, the results of the 10-N elections. "We serve the Spaniards and it is the most beautiful thing in this world," Rivera said.

"I got into politics because I am passionate about Spain, freedom and equality," said the leader of the liberal party who has also said that "he assumes the results" so "tomorrow he will meet with the National Executive Committee to share evil result, assume all the consequences and make the decisions of the future ”. In addition, he pointed out that tomorrow "an extraordinary Congress will be convened so that the militants, those who vote, those who elected us and no one else decide and take charge of the future of Cs." "The Spanish deserve to be told the truth when the results are good or bad," he said.

"I am not like other political leaders, I am not made of that paste, I am honest, honest and what we have is a bad result without palliative and without excuses," said the president of the orange formation who has also advanced that "when one leads a project assumes that the successes belong to everyone and the bad results are their own ”. Rivera has also thanked the work for "all who have made these elections possible: public servants, proxies and interveners" and has taken the opportunity "to congratulate the winners of the elections to the Socialist Party (PSOE) as a Democrat."

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