04-07-2019 | Cs

The president of Cs warns that 'some fear that the legislature will start because we are the group most prepared to lead the Parliament'

"I urge Sanchez to stop wasting Spaniards' time and to blur the responsibility of forming a government among others," said Citizen's president Albert Rivera, who has also asked the President of the Congress, Meritxell Batet, "Let us work because we want to work", referring to the absence of control to the Government in office.

Rivera, in his speech at the meeting of the Parliamentary Group Citizens (GPCs), has denounced that "Sanchez's game is dizzy partridge to exhaust the time and the deadline for there to be Government." "We will not participate in that theater because you can not want to be president and not work, especially when the rest of the Spaniards work," said Rivera, who has urged Sánchez not to confuse his role because the consultation rounds the head of state makes them. "

The president of the liberal training has also ensured that "some fear that the legislature will be launched" because Citizens not only "is the most prepared to lead the Parliament but is already working presenting initiatives." In particular, Rivera has mentioned the Law of Protection and Support for Families; the Law of Surrogate Gestation, and the Law of Prohibition of Tributes to Victims of Terrorism.

He also recalled the two appeals filed before the TC against the misnamed 'Law of Police Abuses' approved by the Basque Parliament and that of Navarra; and a brief presented before the Congress' Table asking that control sessions be held to the acting Government "because it can not be out of control".

Finally, the leader of the liberal formation has ensured that Spain "needs a strong and firm opposition to those who would like it to be a desert", and has stressed that Cs will exercise that function "leading the affairs of State, as a State party which is, as a fight against terrorism, depopulation and education, until the Spaniards give us the confidence to govern. "

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