11-09-2019 | Cs

The president of Cs has lamented that Pedro Sánchez 'has nothing to say' about Catalonia while Torra calls for 'civil disobedience'

The President of Citizens, Albert Rivera, has urged the acting President of the Government to apply article 155 in Catalonia after Torra's call to “civil disobedience”. “Do you not think it is time to meet and apply the Constitution?”, He has offered, while reiterating that he “extends his hand” to Sanchez because the situation in Catalonia is a “state question” in which “we we play the unity of our country and the rights and freedoms of millions of Spaniards. ”

In this sense, the president of the liberal formation has lamented that the Government "has nothing to say" about the application of the Constitution in Catalonia "while the regional president calls for civil disobedience." "Torra has said that the sentences must be disregarded if they are condemning, blackmailing the judges and ignoring Justice," he said. “Do we have to see how they commit crimes or avoid them? Do we apply the Constitution before they are committed or after? ”He asked. "Accept that tomorrow or later we will dialogue to apply Article 155 in Catalonia," he concluded.

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