11-10-2019 | Cs

The president of Cs also defends a 'zero tax for startups, incentives to undertake in unpopulated areas and the possibility of creating a company in just 24 hours'

"I propose to reduce the taxes of SME companies by 10 points because the State must be the ally of companies and not their enemy." This was announced by the leader of Citizens (Cs), Albert Rivera, during an informative breakfast of the Forum Europe organized by New Economy Forum, in which the president of the orange formation has been presented by the spokesperson of the Parliamentary Group of Cs in the Congress of Deputies, Inés Arrimadas.

"I believe in the liberal economy because the entrepreneurs of our country deserve a different economic model from Sánchez and Podemos," Rivera explained, while defending that "the State cannot hinder the self-employed and SMEs" and has proposed that "Spain becomes the ecosystem of those who want to invest in our country." “Therefore, I propose a 10-point reduction in the corporate tax for SMEs so that it drops from 25% to 15%, a 'zero tax' for startups in our country, a single regulation for all companies and not 17 and the possibility of creating a company in 24 hours, without paperwork ”explained Rivera. Regarding the measures aimed at the self-employed in our country, the leader of Cs has announced “incentives for entrepreneurs in the rural world”.

"I promise to start this country because we owe it to the citizens, nobody tells me on the street that he wants a third election," Rivera said, while defending that "to make a commitment so that this country does not return to blocking seems to me a necessity ”. "The new problems deserve new solutions" because "the policy must be useful to the Spanish" and for this "I propose desire and offer determination and freedom."

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