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The president of Cs warns that 'the Spaniards will take note' if the chief executive is unable to reach agreements' and that if he fails' he will do it and not Spain '

"I reiterate our hand extended to Sánchez to apply the Constitution in Catalonia and guarantee the rights and freedoms of all," said the president of Citizens (Cs), Albert Rivera, who has lamented that "in Catalonia of Torra everything goes free, as it was seen yesterday in the Diada: cut roads, attack journalists, burn photos of the King and flags of Spain and surround the Parlament ”.

Rivera has stressed, at a press conference in Congress, that Torra "has once again challenged the rule of law" calling for civil disobedience "by saying that the Supreme's sentence is not followed if it is not absolutory." In this regard, Rivera recalled that yesterday he sent a letter to Moncloa "asking for a state meeting because there are issues above the acronym, how the Constitution applies."

"Are we going to wait again to prevent them, declare independence and bundle again or are we going to be prepared as a State and protect citizens?" Rivera asked, who reiterated his willingness to agree with Sánchez "on what competences apply 155, from when and with what limits ”.

On the other hand, the leader of Cs has warned that "the Spaniards will take note" if the head of the acting Executive "is unable to reach an agreement even with his partner", and has stressed that "if Sanchez fails it will be his failure and not that of Spain. " "If it fails, the Spaniards will have a second chance to save the pitfall of Sanchez's difficulty in reaching agreements," he said.

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