11-05-2019 | Cs

The president of Cs says that 'in the face of politicians trying to block, I will be the president who is next to the citizens and makes life easier for them'

"In Cs we want a country where being able to start a family is not a miracle, but a right." This is how the president of Citizens (Cs), Albert Rivera, has announced that “from the Government or from the opposition, Cs will promote a Family Law aimed at improving the lives of more than five million people in Spain "

Rivera has thus participated in a 'Citizen Meeting' in Valencia, with more than 300 people, in which three types of families have participated – one single parent, one large and one LGBTI – that have been presented by the candidate for Congress by Valencia María Muñoz, who has defended "the right to be parents and start a family, as they are the engine of society."

The president of Cs has advanced that he will convert "to single-parent families and those with two children in numerous" and will give them "a check of 1,200 euros a year." In addition, he has promised “an aid of 2,400 euros per year to which they are currently numerous, which will become special category” and has ensured that “to facilitate conciliation, Cs will extend paternity leave up to 16 weeks, since they are the better measure to fight the wage gap ”.

"Nobody can tell us how to live, I want to be the president who is next to the citizens and facilitates their lives, in front of politicians who try to block and get carried away by their ego," he added after stressing that "Cs will return to bring to the Congress of Deputies a law for surrogacy and altruistic surrogacy, because Spain is a modern and advanced country and the vast majority of Spaniards ask that this issue be regulated ”.

In the same way, Rivera recalled that “education between 0 and 3 years should not be a whim or an elitist privilege, so Cs will guarantee that it is free and universal, since many families currently cannot afford it”. Finally, the president of Cs has recalled the measures of the party to "help the self-employed, such as the exemption of the payment of the Social Security fee during the two years following being a mother or father."

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