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The candidate of Cs to the presidency of the Government predicts an 'electoral turnaround' and remembers that 'in Andalusia we got it' because 'citizens lost their fear of change'

"I want to unite the Spaniards again and put the country towards equality and freedom." This was stated by the president of Citizens (Cs), Albert Rivera, who has also warned that “if I am president of the Government, the next financing will not be in a drawer” and “the seventeen Autonomous Communities will negotiate with Cs putting light and stenographers. ” It is the commitment that the candidate of Cs has launched to the Presidency of the Government during a Citizen Meeting held in Seville, together with the spokesman of the party in Andalusia and vice president of the Andalusian government, Juan Marín, and the candidate of the orange formation for Seville to Congress , Pablo Cambronero.

Rivera recalled that "we have been blocking the Autonomous Financing Law since 2014". "First because PP with an absolute majority did not do it," Rivera explained, adding that "Sanchez with the motion of censure promised and did not comply." In addition, the candidate of the liberal party to the Presidency has added that "that law was negotiated by Zapatero an office with Rovira and the separatists."

The leader of Cs has assured that "I will not be the president who blackmails the Autonomous Communities with Health, Education or Dependency." On the contrary, he has committed to “stop facing the territories to row in the same direction”.

After warning Sanchez that "the waiting lists of Andalusia are not covered with Franco's bones, nor the data of unemployment with the tombstone of any dead", the orange candidate for the Presidency of the Government has stressed that Spain needs a government liberal and moderate that "does not suffocate families or hinder entrepreneurs." Rivera has insisted that "the most revolutionary right now to change this country is to vote for Citizens." "The big challenge is to climb 2 points and with those 20 seats get a change," said the leader of Cs.

For his part, the spokesman for the orange formation in Andalusia and vice president of the Andalusian Executive, Juan Marín, has emphasized that “the result of these elections will be decided by the undecided” and “that is why we must take them out of the house so that Go vote on Sunday. ” After insisting that "in eight months we have launched Andalusia", the vice president of the Andalusian Board has added "now you Albert, we are going to start Spain and we are all going to help you".

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