10-29-2019 | Cs

The president of the liberal party stresses that 'Cs is the right way to change things,' asks Torra and bipartisans to 'turn down the volume' and calls for supporting the 10N to those of us who love Spain

"The depopulation will be a matter of State if I am president because it is a matter of equality," said Citizens President Albert Rivera this afternoon, proposing a national pact against depopulation that solves the problems, "but not a mouthpiece, with money, to work all hand in hand and turn the tortilla around in a decade. ”

This was stated this Thursday in a Citizen Meeting held in Zaragoza, in which he participated with the candidate for Congress for the province, Rodrigo Gómez, and in which he warned that “after 40 years trying to fit the nationalists in Spain, they have only managed to dislodge it, generate inequality, towns without transport, without pediatricians, without school ”. "Half of Spain is depopulated," he said, to propose tax advantages for those residing in rural areas, health services, education, benefits for freelancers and incentives for companies.

"You have to have courage, desire and energy," said the candidate of the orange formation to the Presidency of the Government, to promise that depopulation will become a matter of state if it becomes president because "equality is the main claim and the real revolution that this country needs. ” He has opted to find what unites citizens and move away "from politicians who divide."

The president of the liberal party has been confident in repeating the good electoral results achieved in April and has asked everyone "more energy, joy and optimism than ever." In addition, he has observed that Cs “was born against the polls” and is ruling in several Communities and municipalities, to claim that “this is the project of those who risk, the difficult path, but the right one” and has called “conjure us the moderates , those who don't shout ”and fight so that“ nobody breaks us this great family that is Spain ”.

In the same vein, he has proposed to "lower the volume to Torra, Otegi and the nationalists", to start Spain "with a great result of Cs", encouraging to go to the polls because "if we do not win the radicals , those who want to return to bipartisanship and cover their shame, if we do not vote, those who want to break Spain will take a cut ”, but has promised that if he wins the elections and arrives at the Presidency“ there will never be a border between Catalans and Aragonese ”nor "the radicals that bitter people's lives will go away from rositas." "Let's vote for those who don't scream, but we're up to our noses," he reiterated.

"I want to be the president that ends the Spain of privileges and grievances", so that whoever complies with the laws "has a prize", to guarantee the rights of all family models, and his desire is to set this country in motion, "But I will not only work for Spain if I am president, also in the opposition and I ask Sánchez and Casado to do the same." He has asked the Spaniards that on November 10 "the reason, common sense, state, the future against the past" expires, and all this will depend on whether Cs "is strong in Spain."

For its part, the candidate for Congress in the province of Zaragoza, Rodrigo Gómez, recalled that in April Cs was the second political force in Aragon and was left a few votes from the second deputy for Zaragoza. "We got it and we are going to get it again", he estimated, to remember that those who have joined the orange training project is thanks to Albert Rivera and four years later "I have been able to see the work capacity you have, your values ; Spain needs a project like Cs and that you are in the Moncloa ”, he estimated, claiming that the PSOE-PP bipartisanship“ has been dedicated to agree with Basque and Catalan nationalists in exchange for the chair of the Moncloa and if there is a person who guarantees that this will not happen again is Albert Rivera, ”he concluded.

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