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The president of Cs asks for an 'urgent meeting' to Sánchez to 'unlock the political situation' because 'Spain deserves to save time and money'

"If Sánchez signs the commitments we propose with Navarra, 155 and the self-employed, the country is unlocked and we save 175 million in other elections." This was stated by the president of Citizens (Cs), Albert Rivera, during an interview with ‘The Ana Rosa Program’ of Telecinco.

"Our country is at the limit after six months wasting time" with "the failure of negotiations with Podemos," so "I have requested an urgent meeting to Pedro Sánchez to unlock the political situation and avoid new elections that would cost us to Spaniards 175 million euros ”explained Rivera, in addition to stressing that“ from the opposition we move to rectify ”and because“ they pay us the salary to work for this country ”. Despite this, the president of the liberal formation stressed that "I still think that Sánchez is irresponsible for taking us to this situation" but "Spain does not deserve a political blockade if it does not save time and money."

Rivera recalled that the three conditions for the start of the legislature consist of “that Sanchez break with the nationalists in Navarra and become governed by the constitutionalists, plan the application of 155 in Catalonia and not pardon politicians if there is a conviction” and "Don't raise taxes on the working middle class and the self-employed." "We are obliged to reach a sensible solution to the growing unemployment and economic situation," so "the ball is now on the roof of Sanchez", concluded the leader of Cs.

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