05-28-2019 | Cs

The president of Cs announces the reform of the Spanish law so that those fled from justice can not attend the elections

"It seems a mockery to democracy that Spain has to pay more than one million euros to Puigdemont to finance his candidacy." This has been stated by the president of Citizens (Cs), Albert Rivera, during a hearing held at the headquarters of the European Parliament in Brussels. "One of the first initiatives that we are going to take to the Spanish Chamber is the reform of the electoral law so that those fugitives from justice prosecuted for certain crimes can not attend elections until their situation is resolved," the president of the orange formation.

Rivera has appeared accompanied by the head of the delegation of Cs in the chamber, Luis Garicano, and the MEPs who will compose the delegation, who reminded that they must "defend in Europe what we have defended in Spain, the good image of our country , in addition to the interests of a reformed and modern Europe that defeats populisms. "

The Spanish liberal leader has been invited to a meeting of liberal prime ministers of Europe, "to discuss what decisions the liberals are going to make and explain that our position is that of the pro-European majority." "The strength of the Liberals will be decisive in electing the European Commission and the European Council, because the European bipartisanship continues to lose support as the liberal family emerges from the political center with 114 MEPs and an unprecedented growth," Rivera concluded.

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