06-11-2019 | Cs

The leader of Cs has pledged to 'turn the tortilla around to have a sensible and moderate government' and, if Sánchez wins, 'to make a state opposition'

“Liberals have to go to vote so that nationalism and extremes do not win,” said Albert Rivera, president of Citizens (Cs), “the show is what happened in Catalonia, where we were able to unseat the independence workers; moderate parties are more necessary than ever. ” “We have in our hand to throw Sanchez, beat him. In Andalusia it was possible because a demobilized part of years in a socialist government was demobilized ”, Rivera said, explaining that“ the vote is the ammunition of the Democrats. If you don't vote, others decide for you ”

"I pledge to start the country, to agree with the PP and to carry out a government in a month," said the leader of Cs in an interview in "Herrera in Cope. "The goal is to turn the tortilla around to have a sensible and moderate government," said the president of the liberal party, "if Sanchez wins, you have to try not to have the majority, so that the laws pass through Congress and Cs can review your work. ”

"I don't like Sánchez, but you can't repeat the elections, you have to find a consensus," Rivera said. In addition, he has stressed that "we must make a state opposition, try that economic matters do not go through Podemos or that state affairs do not go through nationalists." "Lifelong if you have not had a majority, you have had to agree," concluded the number one in the orange formation.

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