06-20-2019 | Cs

The president of Cs attends the meeting of the European liberals and holds bilateral meetings with the newly elected president of the Renew Europe group and with the general delegate of the La Ré party

"Never before a president of the Spanish nation had agreed with Batasuna," said the president of Citizens (Cs), Albert Rivera, on the agreement signed by the Socialists with Bildu in Navarra. "It is intolerable that a president of the government prefers to ally with Batasuna and the nationalists, against a constitutionalist majority that has won the elections in Navarra", added the leader of the orange formation at the beginning of the meeting of the European liberals in Brussels .

The liberal leader has stressed that "although Navarre has thrown the nationalism of the institutions, Sanchez prefers the agreement of shame." For Rivera, "Sanchez has stepped on a very serious red line" and for that reason "we can not go hand in hand with someone who has broken the consensus of the last 40 years of constitutionalism, marking a before and after."

Rivera attended this morning the meeting of the European Liberals (ALDE) to prepare the European Council. The president of Citizens has assured that "it has been a success to go from 67 seats to 108, the liberal family becoming decisive in everything". For Rivera, the priority is to "form a pro-European and reformist alliance to face those who want to break Europe and raise borders between Europeans".

The Liberal leader has stressed that Citizens is celebrating for having achieved the economic vice-presidency of Renew Europe for Luis Garicano, one of its main objectives in the negotiations of the last weeks. "Luis Garicano will lead the economy from the main vice president of the liberal group," he added. On the other hand, Rivera has shown his support for Vestager as candidate for the presidency of the Commission. "Vestager is a brave woman, a progressive woman, a liberal woman who is ready, who has been a Commissioner and Vice Prime Minister of her country and who without a doubt is the best candidate," he concluded.

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