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The president of Cs affirms that the liberal formation 'has the responsibility to unite the Spaniards again because Sanchez has already dropped the mask'

"Let's learn from what has happened and turn November 10 into the opportunity to turn the page on sanchism, sectarianism and pointing out who thinks differently," said the president of Citizens (Cs), Albert Rivera, who has asked the Spaniards "to be conjured so that the elections will be expensive" to the head of the Executive.

Rivera, who has participated in the meeting of the Parliamentary Group Citizens (GPCs) in Congress, stressed that "if anyone had doubts that Sanchez was the problem, this week has been clarified." "He prefers to walk with Otegi through Moncloa than to meet with Cs and PP to agree on a constitutionalist government in Navarra, and the economized economy to engage with the self-employed and the middle class," Rivera said.

"We are going to the campaign with all the doubts resolved: Sanchez is the problem and Citizens is the solution," said the leader of the liberal formation. In this sense, Rivera has assured that "history has put Citizens in the role of leading the union among the Spaniards", and has called for moderate voters "who have seen that Sanchez has dropped the mask "Join Citizens" because we have to add. "

Finally, Rivera has lamented that Spain holds new elections "because a man believes that Spain is a game to dice when Spain is not played and can not afford to lose another minute in partisan whims." In addition, he has reiterated his promise to form a Government “in less than a month” if Cs and PP add enough seats. "I ask the Spaniards to return to trust in politics to restart this country," he said.

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