06-28-2019 | Cs

The president of Cs ensures that 'we play a firm opposition that can govern when the legislature ends or a weak opposition and stained by corruption or radical that matches Sanchez'

"Our decisions have to be free and without tutelage," said the president of Citizens (Cs), Albert Rivera, who explained that "Some people resent convictions, do not like freedom and prefer to talk about the left and the Right, but I love freedom and I only owe 4 million 200 thousand Spaniards. " He criticized that "who fears freedom, deep fear responsibility."

"We are playing a firm opposition that can govern when the legislature ends or a weak opposition and full of corruption or radical that fits Sanchez," said Rivera. The leader of Cs has stressed that "it is a matter of state that there is strong, strong, strong, moderate, liberal, constitutionalist and pro-European opposition". He explained the need for a strong opposition because "if the only opposition to Sánchez are those who have 55 cases of corruption to answer, the Bárcenas case, the Gürtel or the Lezo case … Sánchez will be a decade and not a legislature."

Rivera recalled that "as Sanchez has a majority of the coup prisoners, are delivered and abstain from sanchismo and Otegui is the new star of public television" as well as govern with "We can sooner or later." "A Sanchez pushes the shame to agree in Navarra with Bildu" because "is pulled to put the nationalist discourse on the Government with Compromis," he added.

"We will vote not on the fiscal sablazos, we will defend a moderate economy" because "some of those who defend those measures have not worked in their lives, have not paid in their lives nor have asked for a loan, nor have they made an opposition". Citizens is "the party of free people who want to work" and thus "will defend the families".

The candidate for the presidency of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, stressed that "we can not shake our legs when we are about to make history" because "we owe nothing to anyone, we do not owe the banks". "Our destiny is to be the government alternative," he added.

Also the Deputy Mayor of Madrid, Begoña Villacís, thanked "the confidence of the 4.2 million Spaniards" who voted for the Liberal Party "so that we do not let them down, let us not let them down and keep our commitments". "We always choose democracy," he stressed.

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