06-11-2019 | Cs

The president of Cs is committed to 'do everything possible to get the train to Extremadura' and 'an autonomous financing that listens to all Spaniards'

"Puigdemont will end up being tried in Spain despite Sánchez." This was stated by the president of Citizens (Cs), Albert Rivera, in a meeting with the media during his visit to Mérida, in addition to reaffirming his commitment to recover prison powers "so that the entire sentence is fulfilled" because, he said, "that is doing justice." The candidate of Cs to the presidency of the Government has reiterated his commitment to bring “a worthy train to Extremadura” and has stressed that “if Citizens govern Spain they will stop claiming the train because the train will come”. "I want to come back to Extremadura not to cut train stations but to inaugurate them," said the leader of the liberal formation.

In addition, Rivera has pledged to bring autonomous financing "more fair and equal for Extremadura" while stressing that the issue of regional financing is an issue "abandoned by PP and PSOE for years." That is why he has insisted that he will do everything possible so that “such financing really arrives” and for this he has proposed that it be negotiated with the 17 autonomous communities “and not in an office with the separatists”.

In this sense, he has asserted that "the true revolution for equality has come" because, he explained "I want to be the president and participate in a government that permeates the country with equality." "Extremadura are an example, this is where Citizens have grown the most in the last elections and those votes will help Extremadura be more present not only in Congress, but also in the government of Spain," he defended. Finally, Rivera has encouraged the “undecided” to vote on November 10 because, he has indicated, “with two more points of votes, Citizens can have twenty more seats to carry out the unlocking that this country so much needs”.

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