07-02-2019 | Cs

The president of Cs warns that 'they have already lost three months since the elections' and accuses Batet and Sánchez 'of throwing the bolt to the formation of Government'

"Sanchez can not be president if he snatches the Government of Navarra to the constitutionalist coalition of Cs with UPN and pacts with Batasuna," said the president of Citizens (Cs), Albert Rivera, after signing with UPN a petition to Sánchez and the PSOE so that it allows to govern the coalition "because it has won the elections and not the nationalists".

Rivera has demanded Sanchez not to "convert Navarra neither in exchange nor in a negotiation because there is nothing to negotiate," and he has stressed that "it is a question of the State not to agree with Batasuna." "In 40 years neither a government nor a president have agreed with Batasuna to govern in an institution," said Rivera, who stressed that "it is not a red line but a line of pain for many people for many years."

The president of Cs has also referred to the date of the investiture debate denouncing that "almost three months have already been lost since the elections because Sánchez, who is the candidate proposed by the King, does not do his job from minute 1". Rivera has also accused Meritxell Batet of "throwing the bolt both to the Parliament and the formation of Government" and has denounced that she "has demonstrated today to be at the service of the PSOE and not of all the Spaniards".

"I ask you to raise it and we all go to work because we Spaniards do not deserve to have a country blocked," said Rivera, who has also assured that Cs "is ready and prepared to work in the opposition but with a sense of state in those issues that have to be over. "

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