07-11-2019 | Cs

The president of Cs has moved his proposals to unlock the country after the elections: 'there are three challenges: unity, stability and reforms'

"Sanchez has thrown the work of prosecutors to the ground, has put in check two years of justice efforts," said the president of Citizens (Cs) and candidate for the presidency of the Government, Albert Rivera, to the statements of the President of the Government in functions in which he linked the work of the State Attorney General's Office with the Government.

In an informative breakfast organized by Europa Press, Rivera has pointed out that "Sanchez has ended the prestige of the prosecution and justice, with the independence of public television or with the CIS." "The state is all, Mr. Sánchez, you are in office," said the leader of Cs, who has also said that that's why the orange formation is "so necessary" because it will "guarantee the independence of the institutions."

The leader of the liberal party has also stressed that he knows "how to unlock the country" with "three objectives, three opportunities, three challenges to get Spain going." "It is not important how many seats, but what they are for, and we will create political and economic stability, we will make state reforms and we will fight for the unity of this country," Rivera said. The president of Cs has pledged to work for "families, the self-employed, health, education, equality, the environment, lower taxes" and to end "depopulation or corruption."

Likewise, the candidate for the presidency of the government has confessed that he is not in politics “for the business card, for being a deputy or for being in Congress” but for “his commitment to Spain”. "I will never be a problem, I will always be part of the solution," he said. In this line he has specified that he wants to “be a president than a diverse country” and that he will “continue fighting” because he cares more about “11N than 10N to work in a modern country and proud of what he is and what he can be ”, concluded Rivera.

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