11-09-2019 | Cs

The president of Cs affirms that 'the failure of the Euroorder is also the failure of Spain' and criticizes the Government for 'forgetting in the Brexit of sectors such as agriculture'

The president of Citizens (Cs), Albert Rivera, has reminded the head of the acting Executive, Pedro Sánchez, that he has “the obligation to enforce the Constitution before the challenge of Torra”, for which he has asked “to be together in the application of 155, beyond our differences ”or that Sanchez clarify“ if he will continue to agree with Torra and Otegi and insult the majority of Spaniards ”.

The leader of Cs reminded Sanchez, during his appearance by the European Council, that the Constitution "is not the Criminal Code" and that applying it "is the obligation" of the head of the Executive in functions "if Torra does not withdraw his words and he asks for forgiveness ”, referring to his declarations of continuing the independence challenge despite the Supreme Court ruling.

In this sense, Rivera has reproached Sanchez that "he has criminalized the constitutionalists while he has washed the image of his partners, Torra and Otegi." "Decent Catalans who comply with the law cannot celebrate their day – in reference to the Diada – but Otegi can go through Barcelona breastfeeding and without asking for forgiveness," said the leader of Cs.

On the other hand, Rivera has recriminated Sánchez "the failure of the‘ Euroorder because it is a collective failure of Spain. " “Those who disrespect and flee from Spanish Justice have to know that they disrespect and flee from European Justice,” he said, while warning that Cs will not vote for the Commissioner of Justice “if he does not commit to reforming the 'Euroorder "to prevent people like Puigdemont from going freely."

Finally, Rivera stressed that Brexit "is bad news for Europe but it has to be fulfilled," and reminded Sánchez that "not only do you have to copy and paste what the European Commission does, but also worry about sectors like agriculture, the automotive industry or the rights and freedoms of those who live in the Campo de Gibraltar ”.

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