07-09-2019 | Cs

The president of Cs announces that they have presented three writings so that 'the Congress is launched' and assures that 'Sánchez does not appear in the Congress because Batet has it closed for him'

"The Sanchez project that points people to their political condition is antagonistic to the project of free and equal that defends Citizens." This has been expressed by the President of Citizens, Albert Rivera, about the unfortunate events that occurred last Saturday during the demonstration of the 'Pride' in Madrid, and announced that since Cs "we are going to report to the Prosecutor's Office the humiliations and aggressions suffered in the past Saturday in the march of pride for our positions and militants. "

"The PSOE has stepped on a red line, not only is it no longer on our side, it is that we were called by dogs to go to Alsasua and have not condemned what happened on Saturday against the militants of Ciudadanos", criticized Rivera, who has defended that "freedom is a value that must protect us all, and the interior minister has appointed our voters to be attacked."

In a press conference held in the Congress of Deputies, the leader of the liberal training has announced that three writings have been submitted to the Bureau of Congress to "start the Congress" and has assured that "Sanchez does not appear in Congress because Batet has it closed for him. "

"We have requested that the Control Sessions be launched to the Government as well as the Commissions so that the Congress stops being paralyzed by the 'sanchismo'", at the same time that they have requested the appearance of the president to give explanations "about their presence in the European Council. "

On what happened in Navarre, Rivera has reproached "the scene of infamy that humiliates all constitutional voters," and has criticized that Sanchez "agreed with batasuna, which had not made any President of the Government, so that we do not govern the Constitutionalists "

"One can not be defined as constitutionalists and allied with those who want to liquidate this country," said the orange party president, who has endorsed that "there is a rupture of Sánchez with constitutionalism, which is why we ratify that we have nothing to talk to the PSOE to govern. "

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