10-21-2019 | Cs

The president of Ciudadanos defends that 'no barricade or threat will stop the equality project that Cs has for Spain'

"No barricade or threat is going to stop the equality project that Cs has for Spain," said President Ciudadanos (Cs), Albert Rivera, during a citizen's meeting next to the head of the orange formation list for Toledo, Juan Carlos Girauta . The leader of the liberal formation has asked Sánchez to "rectify" and apply 155 in Catalonia because "who encourages the separatists, who uses the official car to cut the roads of the State can not be in charge of the Generalitat." Rivera has assured that "Torra has to receive a call. A call to tell him that he is no longer president of the Generalitat, to inform him of his termination."

The president of the orange party has shown his respect "to the separation of powers, not as the PSOE does that promises pardons." "That is why I can affirm that if I am president, those who break the Law, those who want to liquidate our country will end up in jail," he added.

Likewise, Rivera has valued the work of the State Security Forces and Bodies because "they are the real heroes. They have thrown steels at them, they have thrown paving stones and they have defended equality."

Thus, Albert Rivera has defended the implementation of a single health card so that "nobody has to feel displaced in any Autonomous Community" has pointed the orange leader, who has also opted to "lower the volume to independence and start talking of the great pacts and the great reforms that Spain needs. " And he has set an example the pact against depopulation, or the pact for education.

Rivera has opted to "remove bureaucracy to guarantee rights" and has concluded that "we must not have complexes to defend democracy, we have been fighting a lot for equality in Catalonia, and now we will continue to do so with more force than ever."

For his part, the candidate for the Congress of Cs Toledo, Juan Carlos Girauta has emphasized the need to "face the reforms that Spain needs" because, according to Girauta, "bipartisanship has not shown any interest in putting them into practice" and has set as an example the election of the members of the Judicial Power Council or the National Securities Market Commission ".

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