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The president of Cs says he will use 'until the last vote to get Sanchez' out of the Executive and that the liberal party 'will try to form a government from the same election night'

"Spain has an obstacle called Pedro Sánchez, a problem that is solved by voting," said the president of Citizens (Cs), who has also said that "Spain deserves a President of Government to join us, not to divide us " Thus, he stressed that "all the votes" that Cs achieved in the next elections "will be to get Sánchez out of the Government", a position that "we already had clear in the elections of April 28".

Rivera, in an interview with the COPE network, stressed that, in the face of a new electoral landscape, "Citizens will do politics and get Spain out of this hole" and that the same election night "will call the leader of the PP to form a government quick. ” "That is to do politics, something that Citizens have already done in Madrid, Murcia or Castilla y León," Rivera said.

The leader of the liberal formation has also affirmed that Citizens "tried to unlock the situation with three conditions that any constitutionalist would accept, but we received the refusal of the PSOE." "In case there was any doubt, today all Spaniards know that Sanchez has broken with the constitutionalists," Rivera said.

"Hopefully the PSOE, a party that Sanchez has turned into a personal platform, return to state policy," said the leader of Cs. In this sense, Rivera has warned that "we fear a president who rules with those who want to destroy Spain, who closes the door to constitutionalism or who spends 175 million euros of the Spanish in new elections." "We fear a head of government who makes available to the CIS or public television," he stressed.

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