05-10-2019 | Cs

The president of Cs proposes a great national agreement that 'that prioritizes reforms over politicians and dogmas'

"Spain needs courage, courage and negotiation with the different to get going." This has been assured by the president of Citizens (Cs), Albert Rivera, who has argued that "the protagonists must be the Spaniards who work, who pay their taxes and who see how the country is still blocked."

“It's time to talk about solutions and the future. We are here because Sánchez has not been able to reach an agreement or with his partners, ”recalled the leader of Cs, raising the urgency of“ getting a state reform and moving from blockade to reforms ”. In this sense, Rivera has raised ten major national pacts that "will need many seats, a lot of common sense and very little sectarianism."

"In Citizens we know what it is to negotiate and agree, but always with those who defend the constitution and the Welfare State and with those who care about Spain, we will never do it with those who want to break it," said the president of the formation orange, during the presentation of the ten proposals that he raises to “unite for the urgent and leave the accessory”.

These proposals include major state pacts for health, birth, education or pensions, a reform of the Electoral Law, a commitment to lower taxes, fight against depopulation and precariousness; and of course, a great agreement for Spain that "needs us to do our best".

“I want to lead these reforms. Citizens was born for this, to put on the table what unites us. Who better than us to lead a great national agreement, that prioritizes reforms over politicians and dogmas? ”Rivera has asked, promising to call Casado to launch Spain in a month if they surpass the majority with a single seat . As well as to "convince the PSOE to rectify and return to where it should never have gone, to constitutionalism, to consensus, to the great state pacts to sit with us or to lead the reforms or to support these reforms."

“When I am president I will ask for consensus, but I am in the opposition too. This is not only a political commitment, we owe it to our elders, parents, to those who have led us to democracy, especially to our children because they would never forgive us if this country did not start, ”the president concluded of Cs.

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