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The president of Cs asks the PSOE for a 'clear and clear rectification' so that it 'breaks its pacts with the nationalists and returns to constitutionalism'

"The best way to unlock this country is to win Sanchez on 10-N." This was stated by the president of Citizens (Cs), Albert Rivera, who also asked that "the Spaniards do not stay at home" in the next elections so that "we can launch this country and talk about the great reforms we need ".

"If next 10-N we have a majority with the PP, I will call Casado to form a government in less than a month," Rivera explained. On the other hand, “if we do not form a majority, I will be useful in the opposition, I will sit down with Sánchez and Casado to talk about the great pacts of the State” regarding “depopulation, birth, pensions or fight against corruption”, among others. "We want that in the next legislature, beyond the seats that each party achieves, our country will get under way," said the president of the orange formation.

"We have not lifted any veto, I still think the same of Sanchez" and "I ask for a clear and clear rectification" so that the PSOE "breaks its pacts with the nationalists and return to constitutionalism" explained the leader of Cs, in addition to remembering that "in Catalonia they voted against censoring Torra and in Navarra they agree with Otegui, they are wrong again." "I come from civil society and I'm excited about Spain, I sacrifice a lot of things to be in politics" and therefore "we have to get a great result in the next elections to unlock this country, citizens ask that Spain be launched despite what disagrees with Sánchez or Casado ”, concluded Rivera.

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