12-06-2019 | Cs

The president of Cs announces that 'today we register in the Congress the Integral Law of Protection and Support for Families'

"The great political change in Spain is the entry of Citizens into municipal and autonomous governments." This has been stated by the president of Citizens (Cs), Albert Rivera, during an interview with 'The Ana Rosa Program' of Telecinco. In the same, Rivera has announced that "today we will register in Congress the Comprehensive Law of Protection and Support for Families" so that "de facto couples have the same rights, get education free of the 0-3 years and help single-parent and numerous families. "

"Yesterday I asked Sanchez to get going and I offered him support in State Pacts like Education or the fight against depopulation" because in these matters of national interest "I go with Spain, not with Cs" Rivera has expressed, besides to point out that "to make opposition is also to build" and "the two-party system has agreed in recent years to cover cases of corruption or to divide up the judges, and not to reach State agreements." "I promise to control Sánchez when he wants to raise taxes and offer concessions to nationalism," said the orange leader.

On the future of governance in the Community of Madrid, the president of Cs explained that "our team and the PP are talking about a government program to run with a calendar" and "in the investiture debate the other groups they will have to decide if they support or block it. " Regarding the City of Madrid, Rivera recalled that "the change has reached the capital thanks to the great growth of Cs" because "the smack in PP results has been tremendous."

"Our exponential growth in Autonomous Communities such as Aragon or Castilla y León make us government parties" stressed the leader of the liberal party, in addition to pointing out that "citizens want to see us govern better than the PP and PSOE". "Spain needs stability and Cs is committed to govern in an honest manner," Rivera concluded.

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