05-24-2019 | Cs

The president of Cs has participated in the closing of campaign with the candidates Begoña Villacís, Ignacio Aguado and Luis Garicano

"The orange ballot is the vote of freedom, equality and dignity," said the president of Citizens (Cs), Albert Rivera. In front of more than 2,000 people, he explained that the orange party is "the common home of free, clean people, who say what they think and think what they say".

"In Madrid and Europe there is sectarianism and lack of equality," said Rivera. "We believe in equality without surnames, between Spaniards, between territories, in different family models, to have the same rights in any part of Spain," stressed the leader of the Liberal party. The orange leader has stressed that "Citizens is the party of the brave because we go to any municipality in Spain even if they throw stones or eggs at us".

Also, the president of Cs has recalled that "for the first time a liberal party can govern in the history of Spanish democracy" something "very important to face the battle of populism." In addition, he assured that "populists and nationalists have a problem and is called citizens". "The orange ballot is the freedom, if you do not want to see how they take our hair in Congress," said Rivera who has lamented "the show" that took place in Congress "where we were humiliated" by the separatists when "that deserved a clear performance of the president and the constitutionalist parties. "

The candidate for mayor of the capital of Spain, Begoña Villacís, stressed that "all this depends on very few votes this time, we are on the edge, a seat up or down, we have it very close, we have been working very hard for four years this moment". Villacís has assured "that it is vital to mobilize and go out to vote next Sunday" and has declared "that Madrid does not need four more years of populism, Madrid needs equality, needs solidarity, needs freedom".

The candidate of the orange party to the Presidency of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, has indicated that "we are only one seat to govern" and turn the Community into "a land of freedom and not of imposition". A seat that, in the words of Aguado, will determine if Madrid "takes off from the hand of Ciudadanos" or "derail with Gabilondo and its partners of Podemos". For this reason, Aguado has asked to go to vote this Sunday with "hunger for victory" to "add all the people of Madrid around the great project of the Citizens' Liberal Center".

The head of the list to the European Parliament of CS, Luis Garicano, has started his speech recalling that Europe is "a real miracle" since the Schuman Declaration, five years after the Second World War. "The European miracle is needed today more than ever because unfortunately there are those who think that Europe is division, when Europe is union; There are those who think that Europe is unilateralism, when Europe is an agreement within the law, "he added. The vice president of ALDE wanted to highlight "that nationalism is the furthest thing from the idea of ​​Europe and the nationalists are looking to divide us and we know what they are going to do: create resentment, lie – 'Spain steals from us, Europe deceives us' -, manipulate the story. " "We are the containment dam of nationalists and populists and we are the guarantee that the dignity of our country is not trampled, we are in Spain and we will be in Europe with the best possible team", concluded Garicano.

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