06-04-2019 | Cs

The president of Cs recalls that 'liberals and conservatives have shown in Andalusia that we can govern improving the lives of citizens'

"The time has come to leave the old trenches left and right to talk about reforms and content." This has been stated by the president of Citizens (Cs), Albert Rivera, during an interview with the 'Public Mirror' program of Antena 3, in which he stressed that "we are a serious party that presents proposals for a sensible government program" which includes "a reduction of taxes to families, the abolition of the appraisals, the single Selectivity, the defense of equality among all Spaniards or a single Health Card". "The policy does not go of fits or anger, if not work for Spain," stressed the president of Cs.

Rivera explained that "in our party we worked together and the Executive Committee decided yesterday unanimously to reach agreements with the PP to govern in municipalities and Autonomous Communities" and that "Vox will have to decide if it wants governments of Cs and PP or prefer governments of We can". "We have shown our letters and I would like the rest of the games to be as clear as we were and to do an exercise in transparency as we did yesterday," said the leader of the Liberal party.

On government negotiations in different municipalities and Autonomous Communities, Rivera stressed that "in Madrid, Ignacio Aguado is the one that has grown the most and has shown more strength while the PP has lost seats", in Navarra he has asked Sánchez not to leave "in the hands of Bildu and the nationalists if you want to look the Spaniards in the eye" and "let govern the coalition of Navarre Sum who has won the elections" and to which Cs belongs. On the Barcelona City Council, the president of the orange formation has asked that "we sit down PSC, PP and Citizens to reach an agreement" since "we add more councilors than the independentistas".

"After a previous phase of decisions we entered the negotiation time" in which "we will have to talk and understand" Rivera said, in addition to concluding that "we politicians have to give solutions and not problems".

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