08-11-2019 | Cs

The president of Cs says that 'Cs is the only project that guarantees stability' because 'we need a united Spain, far from blackmail, separatism and concessions'

"There is a game, as they say in football, we play until Sunday," said the president of Citizens (Cs) and candidate for the presidency of the Government, Albert Rivera, in the sporting event 'Comeback in progress' with colleagues and Party members in the Madrid Municipal Pavilion 'Antonio Mata'. "If you do not vote, they will vote for you," Rivera said, who also said that "the center, the liberals, the moderates have to vote because if not, the extremes, the nationalists and the independence will choose for us." “We got it in the last elections, we went from 32 to 57 seats; we also did it in Andalusia ending a socialist government, ”said the leader of the liberal party.

The candidate for president of the government has stressed that "Cs is the only project that guarantees stability" because "if we win or if we join the PP or if we are in the opposition, we will unlock Spain." “We need a united Spain; Enough of blackmail, separatism and concessions, we commit ourselves to the reforms the country needs, ”said the president of Cs.

Likewise, Rivera, together with the Vice President of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, has pledged to fight “the scourge and the epidemic of sedentary lifestyle”. "We are convinced that betting on sport is the sports recipe to take care of society," said Rivera, who also said that "in our Educational Pact we want to promote sports activities because" they promote values ​​such as effort, value and commitment". In addition, he has moved that they intend to "regulate patronage, with public and private financing to support athletes, especially women athletes who leave their sports career after being mothers."

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